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Here are a few links of very helpful sites about Southern Africa and Adventure Safaris. In planning your African adventure safari, it is up to you to learn as much as you can. I will suggest certain African Safari Tours or places for the best Adventure travel, but the better prepared you are to hear my suggestions means that you are better prepared to pick the best African Safari adventure. It doesn't take much effort to seek out information, and I will provide you with other African Travel links. Whether you go to Kruger Park, the Kalahari, Cape Town or Victoria Falls, it is best to be well informed.


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African Safaris South Africa National Parks Board

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African Photo Safaris Hoedspruit Cheetah Rescue Center

Adventure Safaris in Kruger V&A WaterFront Cape Town

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Sodwana Bay for the best skin diving in the world Limpopo National Park

Cape Town African Lion Safari Great resource for White Shark Diving

African Safari South African Airways

African Safaris Noted Wildlife Cinematographer, Kevin Railsback

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South Africa's motto is "A world in one country," and it certainly is that. It offers an endless variety of exotic adventures sure to fulfill your South African Photo Safari dreams and desires.


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