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Women's Adventure Travel and African Safaris - African Safari with your Children - Handicapped and Challenged Travelers
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Yes, Africa can be a dangerous place for anyone's travels, so you should want to go with someone who knows Africa and knows how to keep you safe. There are wars in some parts of Africa and al Qaeda bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. There is danger in many parts...but the wise traveler is much better off...and wise can be as simple as picking the right place to visit. Southern Africa provides the safest travel regions for anyone.

I give great attention to all clients; I know that foreign travel (Africa in particular) can be a daunting undertaking. I wonder if I give greater attention to my female clients, perhaps I do (perhaps I just think I do). I make certain that I know that my clients understand every step before they take them. I don't mean in the bush as much as first steps from the plane in Johannesburg.


                                         Women's Adventure Travel               Kruger Photo Safari

                                Saddlebill Stork in Kruger Mopani                                        Sunrise N'wanetsi River Road Kruger

Before my client leaves home, she knows what to expect from customs and immigration, and she knows where she'll be in the airport and where to do things such as exchange money or buy a cell phone sim card or data plan. She knows exactly where to find the new Domestic Departure Terminal, and if she wants the assistance of a porter, she knows which ones to get and how much to tip them. If she is catching a flight the next morning, I give her every step as to how to find the shuttle to the hotel I booked. She has my cell phone number and can reach me anytime. Again, it comes back to experience and I've had over 25 years of safari experience . I know that the more familiar someone is with a new place, the more at ease they will be and the better they can relax and enjoy. Damn, I guess I give the same attention to every client.

And children? I have also had many parents sharing the experience of an African safari with their children. A wildlife safari is an incredible adventure for a young person, but the age and the maturity of a child has to be considered. When we come upon a herd of elephants or a pride of lions, anyone at any age, enjoys it. But there are many times when we do not see anything for an hour, so we have to decide upon what to do to make it more interesting. I have had children as young as 6 years, and all the way through their teens. Each child was different and had different attention spans and different likes (just like adults).  regretfully, I had one 14 year old young man who preferred to play some damned video game while the rest of us were looking at a herd of elephants.  What can I say?

I had parents bring their 14 year old daughter and her friend on safari, and they made it extremely clear in the first ten minutes that the last thing on earth they wanted to do with the last two weeks of their summer vacation was to go on an African safari with parents. . On the drive from Skukuza airport to Satara restcamp, we came upon a small group of impala. Wow, they looked and even smiled, but then went back to their own conversation while looking at a magazine. Twenty minutes later, we encountered our first elephant...a lone male around 20 years old. Like many his age, he wants to show off, so he made a mild mock charge on our VW Microbus...ears flapping and trunk up in the air, and even a small trumpet. I am a great driver in reverse, but I do it as much to keep a safe distance from the charging elephant as to make the adrenaline flow inside my clients. These two young women were instant converts to the African safari life. Over the next ten days, they were the first ones to bed and the first ones up in the morning ready to go out for another game drive. The magazines were never opened again, as far as I know.


Kruger National Park Safari...Kruger Park Birding
Attention getters in Kruger National Park




In the words of some clients:


When I started planning my 9 weeks of adventure travel to Africa I knew I was going to be traveling alone for 7 weeks but I was used to traveling alone in third world countries and wasn't concerned.

I originally thought I'd make Kruger Park, South Africa, a three-day stopover between tours of Madagascar and Namibia since it was convenient and I needed to fill some time between tours. Madagascar and Namibia didn't work out so I used the internet extensively to do research and look up tour companies and itineraries for other options. The last piece of my crazy quilt itinerary was put into place by Oasis Africa.


Normally I don't like working with companies that provide custom tours because they're usually very expensive, especially if you travel alone. Oasis Africa tours appealed to me for a number of reasons. Although the tour operator lives in Connecticut he has driven hundreds of thousands of miles in South Africa and knows it extremely well. His tours are very affordable because he sells and operates the tour on his own and not through a series or safari travel agents. His sense of humor, love and enthusiasm for SA is contagious, and his poetic descriptions of the country, especially the national parks, won me over. Or maybe it was the promise of Sundowners! Instead of my original three or four days I committed to 16 days and we worked up an itinerary. I love nature photography and Oasis Africa specializes in that so I was guided in my selection of parks and the number of days to spend in each. Organizing my tour was a challenge since I only gave Oasis Africa three months notice, and accommodations had to be arranged, not an easy task at that time of year. Accommodations were perfect, ranging from a tented camp to a chalet-style bungalow with fireplace and so were meals. We went on game drives in our VW Microbus as much as we were allowed and were fortunate enough to see wildlife that I had never seen before, even a rarely seen pack of African Wild Dogs that sniffed our tires! Although my itinerary took us from several parks in the Natal to Kruger to the Kalahari Desert there were no mishaps, unless you count marauding monkeys and baboons! It was a great experience at a great price, perfect for a single woman because I felt like I was traveling with a friend....Cindi P.


  African Safari sunset                           South African Photo safari


Kruger Park Sunset                                                             Giant Kingfisher in Kruger Park

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There are those steely eyed, square jawed explorers who throw caution to the wind and a few clothes into a backpack, sling it over their shoulder and head out for parts unknown. And then there are the rest of us. Safety while traveling is usually of greater concern to women for obvious reasons. Much of the world finds the concept of women traveling without men difficult to understand and, possibly, sees them as easy targets.
Many of us would like to travel to fascinating places like Africa, Latin America or Asia, but have trepidation about striking out on our own. In the past, safer options have been limited to abandoning the journey, joining a large group tour, or choosing a very expensive small group tour. All these choices are unsatisfactory for different reasons.
Oasis Africa specializes in small group tours and will work within your budget. In September 2001, I began planning a trip to South Africa with Craig. The advantages of the small group approach quickly became obvious when I was able to customize our itinerary, modes of transportation and level of accommodation. Prior to departure, Craig was responsive to my zillions of inquiries and provided additional written information about packing, photography and the national parks.

After arriving in South Africa, Cheryl and I continued to enjoy the flexibility and informality our small group afforded. Throughout the three weeks, our schedules were adjusted easily to vary time spent at viewing sites and taking pictures, changes in wake up time, morning and afternoon departures, bathroom breaks and meals. Reference books on wildlife, trees, plants and birds were available during wildlife drives to help us identify what we saw. Not once during our trip did we feel at risk thanks to Craig's up to date information on crime and unrest garnered through his own trips and personal contacts.
In my opinion, the best reason to travel with a small group is that it allows you to experience the gorgeous countryside, wildlife, culture and brilliant skies in relative solitude. And a herd of Cape Buffalo, a troop of baboons, or a stalking leopard will always be more exciting than a busload of tourists....Roberta K.


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Lion on Kruger Safari                                                                                                       Lechwee in Moremi Reserve     Botswana Safari
Dear Craig: I will be very pleased to recommend your company to any family in search of a beautiful African safari. We had such a wonderful time, and you made it much more enjoyable for Bill and me when you employed your skill by entertaining the girls. When I read what you had written about us, I laughed out loud remembering how Jenny pouted for a week before we left Charleston. Now, all she talks about is going back next summer when she graduates.

The one thing I do not thank you for is giving her an interest in photography. Not only have we had to buy a new camera and several lenses, but several photography classes! She is undecided about what she likes best: people photography, landscapes, or wildlife. Wildlife photography is a distant third, I'm afraid. She can't just go out the gates and photograph a rhino. She would love a photo safari!


I read what the other ladies said about your trips, and it reminded me how well you prepared us for the journey. We went so many places and it seemed so effortless. I truly appreciated your skill after planning a recent 10 day trip to Italy and France.

As for my thoughts on taking families on such a vacation, I give an enthusiastic "yes." It is an incredible experience not only to see nature at its best, but to see the rich culture....Gina M.


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Who are my clients?
You are my client. Adventurers, Explorers, Photographers, Birders...that's what you will be on my African safari.
 Come to South Africa and the South African safari regions. Discover and adventure travel holiday of your lifetime.
The only way it can get any better is to come back a second time.

In all the time that I've led safaris, I've found that no one type of person is a typical African wildlife safari client. My clients are experienced South Africa travelers and experienced world travelers, as well as first time visitors and infrequent travelers. I have younger clients in their twenties, and older clients in their seventies. I have clients traveling alone, and clients traveling as couples and those traveling with their children. Very often, I make a tour just for four friends...two couples, perhaps. I have also taken several safaris with women traveling on their own or in a pair. African safaris specializing in photography tend to have more photographers traveling alone, but I also have many couples who share the love of photography.

If you are disabled in any way, just tell me what special conditions you might need, and I'll make it happen; I want you on my African safari. You might have to give me a few tips here and there, but let's go! South Africa is a very socially advanced country and so many places are handicapped prepared. I can provide you with details, and I can search out more details.

The one thing that all of our clients share is the desire for an adventure travel wildlife experience; an experience that they will never forget.


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Nyala in Mkuze Game Reserve     -     Giraffe Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve
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Bushman Rock Art, Kamberg Nature Reserve, South Africa
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