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Thank you for visiting Oasis Africa Photo Safaris. My name is Craig Berger, and I really want to take you on a photo safari.  I lead small groups into the most wonderful national parks and game reserves in Africa. You'll find a lot of information here...well, at least you'll find that I write a lot (yes, some people think I write too much, but it's difficult to shut me up once I get going Africa and so many wonderful safaris).

In short, let me explain the different ways to take a be more blunt, do you want to be part of a 20 to 40 person group on a large bus with tinted windows? You shouldn't want that for an African photo safari. You should want to be in a comfortable small vehicle with 2 or 3 or 4 people. You should want a company that assists you in every facet of your holiday planning, and one that actually guides you down all the dirt roads of a game reserve where you find the real Africa. You should want a guide who cares about you. My African wildlife and photo safaris can take you bird watching; we can go whale watching; we can go on an African lion safari, or we can go on a camping safari in the Kalahari. We can do anything. All of Africa is out there for us to take.  You'll love it as much as I do.



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Southern Africa is a special place; a magical place, and I'd love to share it with you. In the old days, the cost of a safari was quite dear.  It still is with some companies, but check out my prices.  Are you afraid about going to Africa?  Well, that may be wise of you , but you need to consider the safest place to take a photo safsari: southern Africa  Of late, there have been great problems in East Africa, and adventure seekers are looking for a safer safari destination.

Since you are looking for an African photo safari,you have already made the first step toward getting to South Africa. I have to wonder why you have never gone before. I hear some people say that it is too expensive. This is true with certain destinations and with some tour operators, but you will see that my prices are extremely low, while the experience and the quality of my tours are not at all sacrificed. I would ask you to think about how much your last exotic vacation cost, then compare to my South African safari.



I'm trying to think of other excuses I've heard for not going on the adventure vacation of a lifetime, but I can't. What's your excuse for not joining an African photo safari? I'd like to hear. Maybe you can find some answers in the next pages of my website. Write and tell me your excuse. You can even write to begin planning a trip to Africa. I want to take you on one of my African Safaris.

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  Hey, do I know good places for a sundowner or what?  A nice Sauvignon Blanc on ice then it's a Ferrari Safari rush back to camp




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For suggested African safaris and prices of specific tours, please see
the Suggested Tours and Prices page.
Please remember that all these African safaris can be tailored to your needs.


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Baboon and Little Egret, Kruger National Park


South Africa's motto is "A world in one country," and it certainly is that. It offers an
endless variety of exotic adventure travel from whale watching to bird watching to
mountain hiking to an African photo safari. It is certain to fulfill your dreams and desires.
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Whale watching and Big Five Safari
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