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An Afircan photo safari? You may want the Big Five,
but I'll show you hundreds of more special critters that you'll love to shoot.

African Safari in Kruger National Park - My African Safari is photography at its best.

Every African safari that I lead into the bush offers unlimited photographic opportunities... but, there are South African photo safaris, and there are PHOTO SAFARIS! It all depends upon what type of photo safari you are seeking. The difference? A typical African wildlife safari will stop along the road to view a herd of wildebeest and zebra grazing 30 meters away; we'll sit for 1 or 5 or 7 minutes, or until we decide to move on. You'll raise your Nikon to your eye and zoom in on the striped face of a zebra, shoot a frame or two, then you might zoom out and catch the entire herd. You'll have wonderful shots; perhaps even one that could be the National Geographic cover.

South African Photo Safaris...African Lion Safari and African Safari...South African Photo Safaris
Kudu - Elephant - Zebra

Then, we'll move on up the road to the next sight of impala or kudu. On "hardcore" African photo safaris, we might decide to sit for an hour and wait for those two giraffe spar, just to get a good snap or two.  You might see a potential shot when the herd moves closer to the water hole; that calf might just begin to feed from its mother; that oxpecker is almost totally inside the ear of that impala. You change f-stops, change lenses, wait for the sun to come out from a cloud... In a hardcore photo safari, the concentration is on photography. It is a time of wonderful shooting; a time of sharing photographic skills with other photographers. Our South African photo safaris are not just for highly skilled photographers. It is a perfect atmosphere for learning and teaching and the sharing of the wildlife safari experience.  If you want a photo focusing (get it?) on getting prime snaps, then tell me in the planning stage and I can make necessary adjustments.

The best bird watching Africa.....South African Photo Safaris
African Safaris....African Safari...South African Photo Safaris
Saddlebilled Stork - Giraffes - Lion - Yellowbill Stork

I'm a wildlife and travel photographer, and I've toured in all types of vehicles and with any number of people.  An open game viewer with four to ten other people is no way to photograpy. Every cough and every move makes the top heavy vehicle shake and roll. You'll have some great blured shots. A game viewer is also a disadvantage due to the enourmous amount of dust on every dirt road. You cannot keep it out of your gear. I choose the best possible vehicle for the terrain.  I provide a simple passive window platform for your camera. The buckwheat husk cushion cuts almost all vibration.  When we get a good shot, I'll shut the Land Rover down.  However, I can't do this around elephants (not usually, anyway), and sometimes I can't shot down because I know that lion or leopard is walking and I need to follow. Believe me, I know how to get you the shot.For good photography on safari, it is very importnat for the driver to know a few things about composition and lighting.  On top of that, I pretty much know where a critter is going, even if you don't realize the potential shot ahead.  A friend of mine described me as a great hockey player skating to where the puck will be, not where the puck is.  I've never played hockey, but I've set up millions of shots. Best of all...I'm a wildlife photographer and I can see a perfect shot for you to snap.

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Elephants - Cape Buffalo - Cheetah

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Kruger Elephant Safari....Africa 4x4 Adventure Travel
Lion and Serval near Lower Sabie, Kruger
South Africa's motto is "A world in one country," and it certainly
is that. It offers an endless variety of exotic adventure travel
possibilities from whale watching to an African photo safari.
It is sure to fulfill your dreams and desires.

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