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Just some of the African Safari tour options available...

Please have a look at the suggested African safaris I've planned below. There are so many variations to each trip, and I will gladly help you plan an African safari just for yourneeds.

Just remember that these are just suggestions....use them to get some ideas, then let's discuss your safari. Some destinations are seasonal depending upon rain or drought. Since I am not based in just one region like most tour guides, I know many different reserves and will gladly offer my opinion on each place. Yes, of course, I have my biases, and I will try to give you advice. But I only do this because I want you to get the most out of your so few days in Africa. I think it a waste to spend 20% or more of your Africa safari time in airports or cars getting to the next destination. I often have clients wanting a specific itinerary (if this is Tuesday it must be Etosha)....all I can say is that I've been doing this for 25 years, and I have a good idea of what clients like. If you don't like what I suggest, call me a fool and go on to someone else!!!

Let's create the perfect African safari for your needs and desires. All it takes is a little discussion which can be accomplished in a couple of emails. The prices of my African safaris, in most cases, are calculated for a group of four people. If you are just one person, I can give you a price (I've had many solo travelers, male and female). If you are a couple and want a private safari, I can easily recalculate the costs, and you'll be surprised at how reasonable it will be.

Most often I do include food in my prices, but I can leave it out, should you want this. I always provision before a tour begins (having consulted with you about special tastes). Special needs are easily accommodated. I have some great recipes for you veggies. If you are a handicapped traveler, just let me know your special needs and I'm sure that I can accommodate you.

Any adventure travel combination is just takes some good planning to work out the logistics, and I am great at this. If you have a question about some other destination you know about, again, please contact me to ask.  Let's plan it! Please note that a 10 day safari is 10 days and 9 nights, and so on.

You'll see that my banner price for Kruger is the only price I list. I have to do this because I know Kruger so well, but, also, because my prices too low to take the hit if I make a pricing mistake. Should you want another destination, it will not take me long to get back to you with a price. Are you kidding? I'll work on your itinerary and price immediately (unless I am giving someone else a photo safari!

1. Kruger National Park wildlife and photo safari: 5 nights and 6 days at $2695.00
I think Kruger National Park is the most fantastic game reserves I have ever visited; no other place in the world offers so much and few people will deny it is one of the very best national parks in the world. At 20,000 sq. kms., Kruger is one of the largest parks in the world and, certainly, the largest park where you can visit every region. If you have never been on safari before, I would be remiss not to suggest the Kruger as your first choice. There is so much for you to discover.
$2695.00 for 5 nights and 6 days. If that's not enough time (and it's the absolute minimum!): 6 nights and 7 days for $2995.00 per person or 7 nights and 8 days for $3295.00 per person. Each additional day of safari is approximately $300 per day per person. If you're only one or two people, pop me an email and you and I will work out a good trip.
Any photo safari tour can easily be customized for any desire you might have. This price is for a small group of four, per person, double occupancy and it doesn't include airfare. It does include any entry fee, accommodations, guide and vehicle, and all meals that we prepare. I also include the substantial cost (nearly $175 per person) of the Conservation Fee, as well as the newly instituted tourism levy which supports community programs in areas surrounding Kruger. I carry a full kitchen including fridge and freezer, and I provision for your visit before you arrive. I can accommodate most every diet need you have.
Preparation of meals is part of the true safari experience. But there is no real roughing it, as the bungalows and rondavels and chalets (even the tents) have their own bathrooms. They are heated and they have air conditioning. Many have nice kitchens available. Please note that I will run safaris for any number of people. I often have safaris planned which has room for one, two, or three people, and I can fit you in at the larger group price. If you have six, seven or seventeen people, I can accommodate your needs with other guides and vehicles.

Adventure Travel African Lion Safari...South African Safari adventure travel...Kalahari desert
Ithala Reserve - Imfolozi Reserve - Hippo in Sunset Dam, Kruger National Park

2. South African safari Kruger National Park, Mkuze Game Reserve, Hluhluwe-iMfolozi 12 Days

A super African photo safari. Kruger National Park for seven days of South African safari and seven nights of sitting around the fire talking about the day we had and looking at the beautiful sky (and about a few critters). Then we drive south into Kwa-Zulu Natal to Mkuze Reserve and Hluhluwe-Umfolozi, another Big Five safari reserve. Fantastic photo opportunities, but there is so much more than the "Big Five" to see. Accommodation will be en suite bungalows, rondavels or chalets, and possibly a luxury platform safari tent.

Add ons: The rate quoted for this tour, and the tours listed below, reflect the new daily "Conservation Fee" imposed by the South African Parks Board and the new fee imposed by the Natal Parks board, as well as the increased accommodation fees just released by the tourist and parks boards. This was a considerable fee, but visiting a reserve in South Africa is still far less per day than Botswana and Namibia. This tour, as with all my tours, can easily be customized for any desire you might have, and the prices will never go through the roof. I can include the cost of food if you desire. In the same KZN region, there is great diving in Sodwana Bay, great birding in Ndumo and Tembe Elephant Reserve, great views in Ithala Reserve. Farther south, we can explore the Drakensberg Mountains and 3000 year old bushman rock art.

Rhino - Elephant - Kudu

3. THE EXTREME 4X4 CAMPING ADVENTURE: 14 Days from Maun Botswana to Victoria Falls...

There can be no greater African safari experience...well, I can make it a bit more adventurous if you want. But this is 14 days of wild camping. We leave Maun and head to Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta, then we continue into the fabulous Chobe National Park for 6 or 7 more days until we reach Victoria Falls.

This adventure safari has to be done in the dry season: May to October is best. We will most likely drive a Land Rover Defender 110 or a Toyota Land Cruiser, equipped with roof-top camping, perhaps. I provide all land fees including park fees and food cost. You buy your own booze or I will probably have no money left for diesel. Believe me, there is nothing like a gin and tonic sundowner at the end of a difficult day in the bush. Please note: Limes are a difficult item to find. I bring some, but they only last for a few days. Roughing it in Africa is more than a gin and tonic with a bottled lime juice instead of is a G&T in the colonial way without ice.

This is no pussycat trip; this is hardcore Africa... everyone is expected to pitch in and help, even if it means dragging the 4x4 out of the mud. Don't worry, we'll make it with the broadest smiles you've ever had. If we have to cross some water, I might throw you out to walk it first...we wouldn't want the vehicle to get stuck, would we?

How about this? Why not come with me from Johannesburg to Maun then on to Victoria Falls? And how about this? Do the return trip..Victoria Falls back to Johannesburg. I can come up with a great itinerary...maybe stop in at Nxai Pans and see the Seven Sister Baobad Trees..maybe stop in at Nata and see some birds...or even the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. The journey will take from 16 to 25 days, and the cost won't be that much more. Do you have more people who want to take this journey? I'll figure the cost..let's do it.

Lebombo Eco-Trail..Kruger National Park
Lebombo Eco-Trail 4X4 Wilderness Camping Trail in Kruger National Park

4. Another EXTREME 4X4 CAMPING ADVENTURE(but less extreme!): 8 Days Kruger National Park Lebombo Eco-Trail.

This is a super adventure! Leave Crocodile Bridge in the very south of Kruger National Park and go for five days, ending up at the very northern border of Kruger. The Lebombo Eco-Trail was voted the best 4x4 wilderness trail experience in Southern Africa. We go where no other visitors can go up the back routes next to the eastern border of the park. We camp in the bush...there are no fences, just a park ranger along with us. I provide the food, camping equipment (bring your own bag) and vehicle.

There are only five vehicles allowed per trip and reservations must be made well in advance. Only four people are allowed per vehicle, and no children under 12 years. If you have more than three people, we can have two vehicles.

If you fly into Kruger Mpumalanga Airport, I'll pick you up and in 30 minutes we begin our first game drive in Kruger National Park. This tour includes the first night (Saturday) in Crocodile Bridge Camp; the four nights on the Lebombo-Eco Trail; A night at Mopani, and a night at Skukuza. The nights in the camps will not be camping, but with a permanent tented camp at Crocodile Bridge, and Chalets or Rondavels at Mopani and Skukuza. Why not stay a day or two longer? How about this? Instead of returning you to the airport, why don't we drive south into Kwa-Zulu Natal and visit Ithala or Mkuze and Hluhluwe-Umfolozi? Or we could return to Johannesburg and then fly on to the Kalahari for a couple of days in the Kgalagadi Region. Had enough of an African safari? Well, there is always Cape Town or Victoria Falls...or diving in Sodwana Bay.

Zebra, Mkuze - Gemsbok, Kalahari Gemsbok National Park - Chalet Ithala

5. Kwa-Zulu Natal: Spectacular cultural, wildlife and photo safari. Kamberg Bushman Rock Art Center in the Drakensberg Mountains, Hluhluwe-Umfolozi and Tembe Elephant Reserve. 10 Days

From Durban we drive up into the beautiful Drakensberg Mountains and go to the Kamberg Park. There is great adventure travel and great hiking in this and several other nearby Parks. A hike up the mountain will take you to ancient rock art drawn by the San People (bushman). After two nights, we head north to Hluhluwe-Umfolozi for three nights and see spectacular landscape, The Big Five, and many other species of African wildlife. Short drive to Mkuze Game Reserve for two nights in a semi-luxury en suite tent, and the unfenced camp assures creatures around your tent all night (no lion). Into Mputaland and to Ndumo Reserve for great birding, then on to Tembe Elephant for one night.

This African Safari tour can easily be customized for any desire you might have. How about some great diving in Sodwana Bay? The cost of this tour is per person for a group of four and is based on double occupancy. No airfare is included. All other fees are included. At Tembe, all food is provided, otherwise we dine in the great restaurant at Hluhluwe or fix our own meals. Dining is always a communal activity with everyone joining in as we enjoy our post-sundowner. I provision with great food, and we usually cook over a fire along with stoves.


Kamberg Bushman Rock Art Center...Sodwana Bay Reef Diving...Adventure Travel
Kamberg Rock Art     - Hilltop Camp chalet view, Hluhluwe Reserve -    Kamberg Rock Art

6. Kruger National Park, Hoedspruit Cheetah Center, Kalahari Gemsbok Park (Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park). 12 Days!

Five or six or seven nights in Kruger for a great South African safari, then a visit to the Hoedspruit Cheetah Research Center on the way to the airport. We overnight in Johannesburg and catch a morning flight to the Kalahari above Upington, then the African lion safari adventure travel continues with an Africa safari for four nights in the Kgalagada Transfrontier Park.

If you have a good curiosity about the environment of the Kalahari, perhaps we spend a day with my good friend, Professor Anne Rase, one of the best minds Out of Africa (even though she is from Wales). Her large private nature reserve is "Kalahari Trails."

This tour, as with all my tours, can easily be customized for any desire you might have. You may opt for a longer visit to Kruger. Or Cape Town to head out toward Hermanus for the penguins and whales, then on to Cape Agulhas, the southern tip of Africa. Perhaps a 4x4 Kalahari camping adventure travel.


Cape Town and Victoria and Alfred Waterfront......Stellenbosch wines
Skukuza Camp, Rondavel - Wild Dog - Olifants Camp Riverwiew

7. Cape Town to Etosha Reserve in Namibia. Penguins, whales, and whites (Great White Sharks), then some elephants: Cape Town, Hermanus, Stellenbosch, and Etosha Reserve, Namibia: 13 days.

A few nights in Cape Town (Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Table Mountain, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Robben Island, Cape of Good Hope, Malay Quarter, flea markets), then a coastal drive to Hermanus and Cape Agulhas (whales from July to November) for two nights total (perhaps a stop in Swellendam for Bontebok National Park). Then back to Stellenbosch, the "vintage" wine region town, for the night; next, a flight north to Windhoek and a drive to Etosha Game Reserve for five or six nights of African safari.
Many options in Cape Town. In Hermanus and Walker's Bay you have the option of skin-diving with the Great White Sharks (you're caged, they're not). Also, boating among the whales and seals off the coast. In Stellenbosch you can visit some of the oldest and best vineyards in Africa. In Namibia you can visit the Kalahari and Namib Deserts and even a visit to the Sossusvlei Dunes. Or, perhaps a beautiful drive from Cape Town to Etosha with a visit to Fish River Canyon. Any adventure travel is possible.

African Safaris in Kruger National Park...Hermanus Whale Watching...Birds 507 species in Kruger National Park
Tembe Camp Pool - Springbok in the Kalahari - Tembe Luxury Tent

8. Wild-Civilized-Wild. Kruger National Park to Cape Town to Etosha Reserve, Namibia: 15 days

Six or seven nights in Kruger National Park, then fly to Cape Town in the Western Cape region, then fly north to Windhoek, Namibia and drive on to Etosha Game Reserve. Return to Johannesburg for your flight home. This is a fantastic adventure travel and Africa Safari opportunity.

This tour can easily be customized for any desire you might have. This is a per person price for four and is based on double occupancy. It includes most everything except airfare.

Options: Adventure travel and a South African safari in the Kalahari instead of Etosha and save. Varied Cape Region activities including the wine region and whale watching. 4X4 into the Kalahari. How about Moremi and Chobe as an alternative, with a visit into the Okavango Delta.


Kruger Big Five Photo Safari...Adventure Travel Africa Safari...Adventure Travel
Punda Maria Camp, Kruger - Tsessebe at Ithala - Baobab Tree, Kruger


9. Super African Photo Safari in Kruger National Park, Vic Falls, Zambia, and Chobe National Park: 13 days 

Six or seven nights in Kruger National Park, then fly back to Victoria Falls for two nights; drive into Botswana for three or four nights in Chobe National Park camping on the river. Then the return flight to Johannesburg and your flight home. This tour is more expensive due to the very increased cost of traveling in Zambia and Botswana. This price is based on double occupancy and it does not include airfare. It includes most cost except for optional activities you may chose in Victoria Falls. If you don't wish to camp, there are some super hotels and lodges both inside Chobe and in Kasane.
Options: an extended stay at Victoria Falls and numerous other activities; Fly to the Kalahari for three nights instead of visiting Victoria Falls and Botswana and save, or fly on to Cape Town. This tour, as with all of my tours, can easily be customized for any desire and pocketbook you might have. Please write or call me and we can discuss all the pros and cons of traveling outside of South Africa. There are many great reserves in Zambia. Let's explore.


10. CAMPING! Kruger Park or anyplace else in the bush

Kruger top to bottom or anyplace you decide to go. If there is a campground we can stay there, and most restcamps have a campground. A perfect opportunity to have a fantastic photo and wildlife safari and to do it for a little less. You will need to bring your sleeping bag. I have tents, tables and chairs, and other gear for cooking. Most backpackers or campers have to join a large tour group which never gives nearly the same opportunities. This price is for a group of four people, but any number can be accommodated. Food is not included. Come on, let's do it. 
This tour can easily be customized for any desire you might have. For a little more money, we can get a Land Rover with tents beds for 4 people on the roof, or a camping van.
Options: A visit to the Kalahari or down to Kwa-Zulu Natal. In fact, almost all of the tours listed above can make use of camping facilities, at least for some of the tour.


Baboon - Kori Bustard - Giraffe

11. Let's plan a tour. Kruger National Park? Kalahari Desert? Cape Town? Okavango Delta? Victoria Falls? It's easy to plan your special African Safari!

There is so much to see, and it is so easy to plan the perfect tour. Whether by email or by phone, I can help you plan the ideal adventure holiday. A south African safari does not have to cost $10,000 per person, not even $5,000!!  A note on airfare: I am not including any airfares in my prices. Over the past few years, many clients have used air miles to cover the overseas flight. Often, one or more in-country flights are needed to complete a tour, but these can usually be purchased cheaper when purchased along with an international flight. I will run safaris for any number of people. I often have safaris planned which has room for one, two, or three people, and I can fit you in at the larger group price. Many of my clients want an exclusive safari for just one or two people, and I can easily this.

In the US call: 1-203-227-2274
or TEXT me in SA at +27 82 798 6606

Craig Berger  Owner/Guide

If I don't answer or get back to you within hours, I might be on safari, so send me an email.
Marlin Perkins, eat your heart out...I have email in the bush.
while Jim is out wrestling the croc, I'm back at camp with my Nokia email.




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