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What will an African Safari cost?

A South African safari adventure travel will cost less than you'd ever imagine.

For cost of specific tours, please see the Suggested Tours and Prices page. I know that you have been scared off by the $10,000 price tag per person from some tour companies offering a Big Five South African safari, but that is not the case with Oasis Africa Safaris, and it should not be with any tour company. Many African safaris are sold through a series of travel agents who each take a big chunk of your money (sort of a Big Five all their own). With my African safaris, you buy from me. What is included? I can include anything you want; I can calculate the total cost of your trip including all airfare, transportation, all fees, tips, food, night or day drives with park rangers...anything. Recently, I have had the vast majority of my clients using airline miles to buy their ticket. And this can often include in-country flights.

I have had to increase my prices due to the high cost of fuel and the increased costs of traveling in Southern Africa. The cost of fuel is about $7.50 per gallon as of January 2012. The cost of accommodation will also increase as of November 1. I know that many people will put off a vacation such as this, but why not look into it now. I have no hidden charges, and I will never increase my quote to you unless you request changes. When the price of fuel goes up, I do not put on a surcharge.

When we travel outside of South Africa, the cost is usually more. I tailor make most every tour to what you want to experience. Few companies do this, and no other company will offer such a boutique operation for the price I will quote. I can figure a tour for just one person, or I can figure it for over fourteen people. It won't take very long for me to give you an approximate cost just so that you know the money we are talking.

Kruger Natioanl Park Big Five South Africa Safari...African Safaris Safari
Leopard and Rhino - 2000

It is difficult to compare my prices with other companies because, most often, you get so much more with me. You will have a dedicated guide (me) who will not only plan your South Africa safari and trip, but will guide you. I will guide you all the way (though usually from the airport). If we go from Kruger Park to Hluhluwe-Umfolozi, I will be the driver. If we go to the Kalahari, I will be there with you. In some cases, to save you money, I will send you to Cape Town (possibly to my friend, Danny) or someplace else where I know you do not, necessarily, need my skills.

What about traveling with your kids? We welcome you to bring your children, and we will try to give you reduced rates whenever possible. South African Airways offers discounts, as do most airlines, so please check what is offered for kids. As far as lodging is concerned, we will try to get reduced rates and appropriate accommodations whenever they are available. Very often, accommodations can have three beds, or I can get family accommodation with two or more bedrooms.

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Kudu - Elephant with broken tusk - Rhino --Kruger National Park 2000-2002

You have probably researched a number of other tours in Southern Africa, and you have found us to be at the low end. This is where we want to be, but please keep in mind that our tours are not "low end." Our intent is to give you the authentic Southern Africa. In the game parks, you will stay in cottages, chalets, or rondavels built in the African style, usually with thatched roofs. In the cities, you can stay in smaller, privately run guest houses, usually in the finest residential areas near the city center, or in a super hotel at the V&A Waterfront.

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South Africa's motto is "A world in one country," and it certainly
is that. It offers an endless variety of exotic African safari
adventures sure to fulfill your dreams and desires.

In the US call:  1-203-227-2274
or TEXT me in SA at +27 82 798 6606

Craig Berger  Owner/Guide

If I don't return your call within hours, please send an email as I may be on safari.  I get email in the bush, how about that, Marlin Perkins?



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