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Your custom South African safari company will plan your Big Five in Kruger National Park..

My most popular African safari tours are in South Africa. South Africa's motto is "A world in one country," and it is certainly that. It offers wonderful South African safari and nature travel and can easily fulfill all your African dreams, and it can do so in a surprisingly affordable way. I want to design a tour just for you. Whether you plan to travel alone, with your partner, with family, or with friends, I can custom tailor a perfect safari experience and "shepherd" you the entire way.

How about this tour? We begin the Africa safari by entering Kruger National Park via Numbi Gate; the game drive begins just as we enter the gates and won't end until we leave days later. Our destination for the night is Satara Camp where we'll spend two nights.  I want to be the first out the gate in the morning, so I get everyone up early, and we are there on the roads to be the first ones to encouter that sleepy pride of lion or pack of African Hunting Dog. We'll have about 4 or 5 hours of game drive before we head back for a midday rest.  In the afternoon, we head back out for 2 or 3 hours and, with luck, catch a wonderful sunset.  You'll be a quick study as you learn to look in the shade of the trees or in the bush grass for a flick of a tail or the gentle movement of kudu horns as it senses a lion or cheetah. With a little luck you'll see the Big Five (lion, leopard, cape buffalo, elephant, and rhino), but there are so many other animals that are sure to capture your imagination. Forget all the emotions you ever had as you viewed a Discovery Channel special or as you flipped the pages of National are on a real African safari, you are there in the picture; the animals are real, they are wild are visiting their home.


South African Lion Safari....
Black Rhino - Impala


On the third day, we pack up and depart Satara Camp for the south and Lower Sabie camp for three nights. I know some super cat roads on this route. If you've got the safari Karma, I'll get you the kitties    We arrive Lower Sabie at midday and have a nice lunch in the restaurant overlooking the river. You never know what you'll see on the far bank.  After getting to our bungalows and unpack, we'll head out for the afternoon. It is routine by now. Maybe we'll have a cold bottle of wine and visit Sunset Dam for a sundowner.

This is only a short five night and six day photo safari, and you'll hate me on the sixth morning because you will be packing up to leave Kruger at midday.  You'll wish you'd taken more time than 6 days.  But, to be truthful, you'd feel the same if you'd had a 12 day safari. You'll never want to leave.  By now, you know I run safaris so that I return to the wonderful African bush again and again. 

I would wager that something about Southern Africa has grabbed you. If not, then Africa has failed you..I have failed you.  Hey, you can always take another safari. I have many safari clients return more than once. They picked the right African Safari Company!



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I've never known anyone to want to leave. You have experienced wonderful things in the past days, indeed, experiences that have enriched your life. For a short time, you have shared a land and its people, you have seen wildlife far different than any you've ever seen; you have seen a wonderfully diverse and beautiful land, and its many cultures ...your life has been changed. You'll return home to your great life, but you will certainly know that a part of Africa resides in your soul. In months and years to come, you'll find yourself recounting stories of your tour, and you'll have a special sound to your voice and look in your eyes. Don't be surprised that one day you meet someone in the know who says to you, "You got it, don't you?" "Got what?" you've got the Africa bug.




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