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Kruger National Park - Hluhluwe-iMfolozi - Etosha - Cape Town - Victoria Falls - Kalahari - Chobe - Moremi - Nxai Pan

A few suggestions: Some of the greatest wildlife reserves in the world are Kruger National Park, Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Reserve, Etosha Reserve in Namibia, and Chobe and Moremi in Botswana.  All of these destinations are reasonably easy to reach, but, perhaps, Kruger is the easiest. There are also super nature and wildlife reserves like Mkuze, Ithala, Tembe Elephant Reserve, Ndumo, Addo Elephant, Kalahari Gemsbok, and many have the big five. How about hiking in beautiful mountains: the Drakensbergs? 

You also have to consider how comprehensive of a tour you want. Do you want an all wildlife safari? There is no place better for wildlife. Do you want an African safari with a concentration on photography? On birding? On specific animals such as elephant, rhino, meerkats? Do you want an extreme adventure such as a balloon ride, white-water rafting on the Zambezi, or an elephant-back safari?

Things to consider and things we'd like you to share: 1) How long can you be away from home. I need to calculate just how much time you can spend in Africa. 2) How many people will be in your group? 3) What regions do you have an interest in seeing? 

How about something a bit more "far out there?"
Let me take you to the Kalahari.

Now, this is one special place on god's Green Earth.  It takes a bit of getting to, but once you get to it, it is something quite out of the ordinary.  You ain't gonna find no elephants nor rhinos, but you'll find a legend...a paradise.  I suppose that you've heard of "The Kalahari Desert."  And you've probably watched at least one episode of "Meerkat Manor." Well, this is the place.

Technically, the Kalahari is not a desert, but a semi-desert savannah. In reality, it is a mystical place! A land of enchantment; a wonderful state of mind. For you, it will be the experience of a lifetime: a journey to the land of the Kalahari black-maned lion, the regal Gemsbok, the diminutive Meerkat; a journey to the land of the Bushman.

The Kalahari is an immense desert eco-system covering large parts of South Africa, Namibia, Angola, and Botswana. The sky is azure blue, the sand iron red. As you travel this magical land, you will become part of the seemingly endless dunes, some just windswept sand others grass-covered. You'll wonder about the camelthorn trees in the dry river beds, knowing that they are hundreds of years old. You will be with nature when viewing the weaver birds around their massive haystack nests. Herds of springbok and blue wildebeests become as common as the sand. ...and, on occasion, you will be witness to the incredible speed of the cheetah

The Kalahari of South Africa is located in the north west section of the country. Much of the land is called the "Green Kalahari" and is full of farms, sheep and cattle ranches, and the largest wine region in South Africa. North of Upington, in the Northern Cape Province, you will find the Kalahari of the legends.

The combined park, at over 36,000 sq. kms. is one of the largest in the world. There are no tarred roads, but most any vehicle can easily make the journey (why spend the day in a 4x4 when you can sit back in a BMW?). Most travel is done in the former South African park with routes up the west via the Aoub River route, or via the Nossob River route in the east. There are rest camps with food and petrol at Twee Rivieren, Nossob, and Mata Mata..

You will not see the numbers and varieties of animals that you will find in Kruger, but you will never feel cheated after experiencing the beauty of the land. You will find wildebeest, hartebeest, warthog, duiker, springbok, gemsbok, eland, kudu, impala, to name a few. And you will find predators such as lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena (brown and spotted), caracal, African wildcat (this cute little kitty may  look like a house cat, but don't pet it!). You will find the rare wild dog, bat-eared fox and cape fox, honey badger, suricate, mongoose, and you will find the jackal. More? Over 200 species of birds.